When people need to understand and and some answers, advice, guidance or resources for their particular concerns, that is when consultation and therapy involve. It is a proactive approach during a life transition or in daily living.

JCDC provides a safe place to talk with experts about whatever concerns people may be experiencing. Consultation allows us to explore opportunities to solve our problems, learn new skills and get some advice about moving on toward increased satisfaction and emotional wellbeing. On the other hand, therapy will help people understand their problems with greater insights, facilitate changes for emotional healing and growth, and provide supports during that process with deep compassion and caring.

JCDC believes that the most important thing in consultation and therapy is the relationship that develops between the client and the consultant/therapist.

JCDC provides integrated services including psychologists, pediatricians, speech therapists, occupationaltherapists, physiotherapists and psychological therapists. Parents can also utilize our intelligence test, personality test, developmental screening, growth screening, school readiness, and many more depending on the needs.

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."
- Alexander Den Heijer -

Children are the powers and parents are the environment in which they grow, therefore to enrich the development of children, we have to enrich the knowledge of their support system.

JCDC Enrichment Classes provide a wide range of classes for parents to enrich their knowledge on how to learn, explore, and develop their child's social, physical, and intellectual development to the max in a fun way by following the child's natural emotional interest and at the same time challenging the child toward greater and greater mastery of social, emotional, and intellectual capacities which go beyond what is possible in traditional classrooms.

    This class is to prepare parents with birth plans shared by obstetricians, pediatricians, psychologists, dermatologists, lactation consultants and other experts in welcoming and preparing the newborns.

  2. SMILING BEAR (0-3 MOS)*
    Baby's first exploration to friendly environment by stimulating baby's communication and sensory development.

  3. ROLLING BEAR (3-6 MOS) *
    It is time for fun play using gross and fine motors (rolling, singing, laughing).

    Babies start to learn their social play using songs, props and other sensory materials.

  5. CRAWLING BEAR (9-12 MOS)*
    Baby's physical skills are advancing. They learn how to balance and coordinate.

  6. WALKING BEAR (12-18 MOS) *
    More discoveries and explorations for the babies. They interact with each other. Look mom and dad, I can walk.

  7. RUNNING BEAR (18-24 MOS)*
    A very good opportunity to grow a child's confidence and more advanced skills.

  8. JUMPING BEAR (2-3 YRS)*
    They are big now. Creative themes are used to engage these young preschoolers to the life skills.

  9. TALKING BEAR (3-4 YRS) *

    Getting ready for schools. They are knowlegeable and able to provide ideas to the world.

* Necessary information on children of each age group is provided and developmental screening is performed to evaluate their development level.

This program is designed specially for children ages 18+ with special need. JCDC helps children to be independent and productive by improving their necessary skills. It focuses on practical applications of skills learned with hands-on training programs in order to be ready for the workplace.

  1. Regular parenting seminars, workshops for nannies, Certified DIR Floortime courses, etc.

  2. JCDC welcomes collaborations with other institutions (schools, centers, hospitals, etc.)


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Located at Jln Raya Kelapa Dua, our clinic have a spacious space for kids to play and learn, rooms for treatment for consulting and therapy. Strategic place for child development center.